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Established AJE Inc. in KOBE, JAPAN.  Started Marketing Research in the field of Education & Information Technology for business opportunities in the Japan.

Aug 1998

Participated in the “HYOGO Prefecture High School Student Overseas Study Program” sponsored by the HYOGO Government on behalf of the Philippines Consulate in Osaka/Kobe.

Jul 2001

Assisted the Japanese Embassy and the Philippines Consulate in Osaka / Kobe for Japanese visitors to participate and coordinate on a one-on-one meeting at

"E-Services 2001".

Aug 2001

Supported the visiting of  IT Companies in the Philippines and the Business Meeting - “IT Human Resources Development” with the KANAGAWA Pref. Governor, Japanese company Owners and several University Heads & Representatives. 

Assembled an IT Business Mission to visit the “E-Services 2002” held in Manila, in collaboration with the Philippines Consulate in Osaka/Kobe, DTI, CITEM, IT Park and University of the Philippines.

Feb 2002

Organized the First Overseas Business Meeting of Hyogo Pref. Human Support Business Union in CEBU to discuss business and research in collaboration with CEBU Chamber of Commerce.

June 2002

Oct 2002

Launched the Japanese Business Mission for “F.A.M.E. International show” in Manila

Coordinated with DTI/BOI &CITEM, Manila Philippines.


Feb 2003

Organized the Japanese IT Business Mission for “E-Service 2003” in Manila. Coordinated with DTI & Philippines Consulate in OSAKA JAPAN.


Feb 2004

Speaker on  “Employment Opportunities in Japan and in Japanese Companies” during the SynchronicITy Conference workshop in Baguio held on February 26, 2004 at BCF University, Baguio City.


Jan 2005

TESDA Accredited/Registered

TVET Program Registration-

(NTR No. 0413060148 NTR No. 0413060148)


Tied up with Camarines Sur Government to open NIHONGO Center in Naga City. Dispatched 3 licensed Japanese teachers from Japan to teach at the Nihongo.


Jan 2006

Japanese Business & Culture mission - Japanese Embassy, Japanese Chamber of Commerce, JETOR, Japan Foundation, and Phil Nit – JITSE, visited Camarines Sur ITC NIHONGO.


March 2006

Prepared the Friendship Meeting between two Local Governments both in Philippines and  Japan.


Governor, Mr. IDO, HYOGO Prefecture and Governor Mr. Villafuerte, Camarines Sur had an official meeting at HYOGO in KOBE Japan to promote the two countries' partnership.


Visited the new airport and Special Medical Zone in KOBE, KYOWA Hospital Group. Also, had a business meeting with Japanese Chamber of Commerce in Japan.


March 2007

Organized and Coordinated the “Business and Educational Exchange Seminar” in HYOGO Japan for the friendship between the Japan and Philippines.


PEZA Chairman Dr. DG de Lima, JETRO Manila Director, Philippines Console in OSAKA, Ms. Roman G. Baltazar, 4 JCC Chairmen, Several City Mayors from Japan, HYOGO Prefecture Educational Division Comittee and more than 100 company owners attended the seminar. 


March 2008

Organized the “Japanese Nationwide Kindergarten Association” in Japan to visit several Philippines State and Private Universities for the purpose of friendship and school linkage between the two countries.


Feb 2009

Organized the “Business Mission for the Japanese Chamber of Commerce - ASHIYA CITY” for possible Investment tie-ups and Job opportunities for Filipinos.


Visited FUJITSU Philippines,,  JCC-Manila, OFFICE OF MAKATI CITY MAYOR, PEZA-Dr. De Lima, JETRO, TOEI Animation – Ortigas


Oct 2009

Workshop Traditional Wellness Massage “HILOT” in SUBIC.

Tied up with Japanese Wellness Association for their training program, business and Filipino trainer’s Jon Opportunities in Japan.


July 2010

Organized “Medical Business Mission from Japan“ to promote Medical Tourism between Philippines and Japan.


Assisted the Medical Seminar about the organ transfer at National Kidney Center and “Medical Tour Meeting” at UP Medical Department and St. Lukes Hospital with the Institute of Bio Medical Research & Innovation in Japan.


Visited the Japanese Embassy to discuss “Medical Tourism Information concerned with the EPA” in Manila.


March 2011

Coordinated with the All Japan Hospital Association (AJHA) for the official meeting between the Philippines and Japan at St.Lukes Medical Hospital and several other universities, and discussed about the JP-EPA for Nurse and Caregivers.


March 2013

Promoted IT SE (Information Technology System Engineering) project to learn how to create an IT system between the colleges in the Philippines and Japan.


Made a school linkage between University of Makati and TOYAMA IT College in Japan.


March 2014

Chairman A. Orui was assigned as an MBA/Business Research for Southeast Asia Visiting Professor at the University of Hyogo in Kobe, Japan.

June 2014

Assigned as an official research associate of the Hotel Restaurant & Management Group for the Development of Japanese Inbound Tourism under the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sport & Technology in Japan (MEXT).

Welcomed the University of MAKATI - IT Department professor and Students, supported by Japanese Ministry of Education & Science, in Japan to visit Japanese Colleges for the IT project & partnership among the two countries.

Jan 2015

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