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Guidelines for the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test in 2015 

1. Test Date and Start Time

Test Date:   December 6 (Sun), 2015

Test room opens from 12:00nn to 12:30pm

Test starts at 12:30pm


  • (Not Being Present by this time, Examinees Will NOT be allowed to Take the first test section.

In this case, the Examinees May Take the next test Sections, Although the answers Will not BE scored and the 

Examinees Will not pass the JLPT in 2015 (December).) 


2. Levels, Test Sections and Test Hours

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  • For linguistic Competence required for Each level, please See here . 


  • As for the test hours, read Carefully the Following Conditions: 


(1) Examinees are not allowed to enter the test room once test hours Have Begun for any test Sections.

(2) Test hours include instruction time etc., in addition to the actual answer time. 

(3) The time allotted for the Listening Section May Differ Slightly according to the length of the Recorded Materials. 

(4) After the test, Examinees MUST wait for Proctors to Finish counting the question booklets and the answer sheets for 
about 20 min. 

(5) On the test Date, test time SHALL BE ACCORDING to the Watch of the test proctor of Each Classroom.  


  •  You will be notified of your test site by the Test Voucher.



4. Announcement of Results


(1) Subjecting Those who completed all test Sections, Pass or Fail for Each level will be determined based on the overall pass  marks and Sectional pass marks shown (See here) .


  • A test result will be sent to each examinee.

  • Those who successfully pass the test  will receive a Certificate of Japanese-Language Proficiency.

  • Those who applied Via the Internet can check test results on the Internet on or after the Notification Date of test results.


(2) Official test results as well as the Certificate of Japanese-Language Proficiency will be sent early in February, 2016. 





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