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Ang Kinabukasang Iaalay (AKI) Foundation Inc., which is the counter part of KAPCO (Kansai Asia Pacific Collaboration Organization), is a non-profit non-governmental organization in Japan. 

AKI Foundation is cooperated with Asia Japan Enterprise Incorporation(AJE Inc.), in Kobe, Japan. In response to the Japanese companies' needs for sustainable growth and development of international capital, AKI Foundation was established as Japanese Learning center in February, 2004.

The language center provides a reliable source of information on the latest business and employment demand in Japan and the Philippines. It is the best place to study the culture and language of Japan as the lessons will be conducted by experienced and qualified native teachers who have taught Nihongo as a foreign language to different nationalities. It fosters cultural exchange by providing free consultation on education, employment and travel to Japan.

Aki Foundation or Ang Kinabukasang Iaalay (AKI) Foundation is under the umbrella of KAPCO (Kansai Asia Pacific Collaboration Organization) a non- profit organization in Kobe, Japan.  In addition to that, we also provide accurate source of information for overseas study and employment in Japan.



To learn Japanese precisely, we offer services from Japanese Teachers themselves. We also offer free consultation on how to study and work in Japan.


To produce business opportunities that would certainly strengthen the economic ties between Japan and Philippines through teaching Japanese Language. Learning the Japanese Language is vital for all students and professionals who wish to work and migrate in Japan. 

To raise globally and competent individuals who have the eagerness to enhance their language skills in order to get better jobs and higher pays. 


Create and strengthen business alliance by providing programs and information services that promote, develop, and enhance business opportunity. 

We provide a comprehensive Japanese language program and a balanced curriculum integrating reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar and vocabulary that would allow the students to acquire language skills needed for various purposes : to enter a university, get a job or for daily conversations.

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